Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

Blade Runner combines some of the most exciting visuals of the science fiction genre with the storytelling flair of a gloomy film noir. Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard could be very much at home in a moody black and white detective thriller from the Golden Age of Hollywood, but he also feels very much like an apropriate character in this distant, dystopian future set in the year *checks notes* ummm... 2019. There is, in other words, a timeless quality to this performance, and even although we probably think of the visuals first when think of Blade Runner, his performance is a very important factor in why this has become such an enduring classic.

But of course, the visuals are amazing. In Blade Runner, Ridley Scott has created a world that feels coherent and lived in, and that is stunning to look out throughout, to the point that the visual experience alone would be worth watching the film, even if it wasn't for the strong characters that populate it.

And despite all that - the way the film looks, the strong lead performance by Ford - Rutger Hauer almost manages to steal the film as the renegade replicant Roy Batty.

There is not a weak link in this film. It's always exciting to dip back into it.

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