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  • The Marriage of Maria Braun
  • 8 Women
  • Raging Bull
  • Balance

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  • A Bucket of Blood


  • Night Train


  • Horrors of the Black Museum


  • The Great War


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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    "I just wanted to come here." - "To Winkie's?"

    A dream. A nightmare. A fever dream.

    "Just call me Coco. Everybody else does."

    I want to write something about Mulholland Drive, but I have no idea what, or how. The film has been analyzed into detail to death and then some (it feels like the movie that could have given birth to the genre of [Insert film title] explained! videos on Youtube), and re-treading the generally accepted reading of the…

  • Berlin Alexanderplatz

    Berlin Alexanderplatz


    Freunde, das Leben ist lebenswert...

    Forty years ago today, the first episode of Fassbinder's magnum opus Berlin Alexanderplatz first aired on German television, and it is my intention to watch every single episode on its 40th anniversary - a project that will keep going until December 29th. This review will get updated after every episode.

    The first episode, aptly titled The Punishment Begins, opens with our main character's release from prison, where he served a four-year sentence for manslaughter. Franz…

Recent reviews

  • A Bucket of Blood

    A Bucket of Blood


    A surprisingly fun little B movie. A Bucket of Blood is a nasty horror film that doubles as a satire on the art scene, with a delightfully squeamish protagonist, and some great pieces of... well let's say: art.

    At 65 minutes, it's not a minute longer than it needs to be, and I wish more films would dare to be in the little-over-an-hour range.

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  • Night Train

    Night Train


    Part microcosmos of strangers, part murder mystery, Night Train feels a bit like a jazz riff on a Hitchcock movie.

    In the film, we meet a bunch of people who share an overcrowded overnight trainride in Poland, including a man on the way to his wife, and a woman who is hiding from an abusive boyfriend. The two of them end up sharing a cabin, because the woman wasn't aware she was buying a ticket in the men's section. Soon,…

Popular reviews

  • Three Songs for Benazir

    Three Songs for Benazir


    So you are telling me it is possible to make a documentary about fugitives living in absolute poverty in a camp in Kabul without just reveling in the worst aspects of their fate, but actually showing them as human beings with hopes and aspirations and agency? And you're telling me that, by letting us get to know your protagonists, rather than letting them remain a cipher that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse get unleashed upon, you manage to get…

  • The Red Suitcase

    The Red Suitcase


    Proof you can tackle a hard topic in short film form without getting tacky, or expolitative, or just indulging in misery without saying anything about it.

    The Red Suitcase almost feels like a thriller, and it certainly builds up the tension like one.

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