The Room

The Room ½

"What planet are you on?!"

That’s exactly it. Tommy Wiseau is out of this world. This is the kind of movie I imagine would be made if someone explained filmmaking to an robot who has never seen a movie before.

What makes this film so immortal is its endless amount of bizarre comedy and I just can’t get enough. Quotable lines delivered by monotone robots, strangely dubbed audio, repetitive and unnecessary sex scenes synced to tragic love music, pointless subplots and scenes (yep, the breast cancer line) followed by the same shot of San Francisco’s skyline, excessive and obvious green screening, random football adventures, more sex scenes with more tragic music, entry of a Shakespearean storyline, random character introduction with only 20 minutes left in the film, *sweet and beautiful* montage of even more sex scenes to top it off. Why, Tommy? Why? Tommy, why? Whyyyyy?

Tommy’s endurance towards the response to this film is admirable. I cannot fathom how a movie like this can exist. Tommy himself said that it has “eliminated crime in America” with his explanation being that midnight screenings of ‘The Room’ have prevented young people from wandering the streets late at night and throwing rocks and accidentally hitting someone with it and going to jail for stone-related manslaughter. Ha ha ha. What a story, Mark! That doesn’t make sense. Nothing makes sense. Viewers are rating this 5 stars for even that cannot make sense. I’m recommending this to all my friends.

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