Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania ★★★½

Hotel Transylvania characters and whether or not I would fuck them.
Dracula: My ex-girlfriend was a massive bitch (FUCK YOU BRIANNA) so I don't want to fuck someone who's so controlling. No go.
Mavis: Oh hell yeah. Even though she's pretty much human appearance-wise she's also as close as it gets to dream girl. Granted, being a human/animal hybrid would help, but either way I'd fuck her.
Johnny: I wouldn't fuck him but I'd definitely be best friends with him.
Frank: The whole detachable body parts thing would be a big problem, since I like to use the strongest dildos possible so I'm afraid this will cause more problems than pleasure. No go.
Murray: That singing voice makes me cum every time but I'm afraid he'll get sand everywhere. No go.
Wayne: I've had a thing for werewolves ever since I got a boner watching Teen Wolf (the movie not the MTV show) so it would be heaven for me. I'd fuck him.
Wanda: She's both a werewolf and a MILF. I'd fuck her.
Eunice: She's honestly kinda annoying. No go.
Invisible Man: I can't see him so I'm afraid he'll just leave right when the sex gets good. No go.
Fly Guy: Sexiest voice I've ever heard but the guy also voices Jerry from Rick and Morty, who is a massive simp. No go.