Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★½

Overall a satisfying conclusion to a fun trilogy. I’d argue these films played out more like a mini-series with 2 hour episodes, but I’m not complaining. 

First, I think it was so clever to bring back some
familiar faces that were taken from us too soon. I thought this was the only thing that would save us from our time in 1666 which I predicted was going to be quite bleak. Kiana Maderia’s performance however, made it a compelling watch (much more so than she did in Part One). As enjoyable as the first half was, I thought the fun had been lost. (Fun: a quality I long for in films, even though this desire is derided by some members of my movie club) Thankfully, the fun comes back when we return to 1994. 

While last week I disputed whether 1994 should be more fun than 1978, I can definitely say 1994 ought to be more fun than 1666, and in this case it was. 

Leigh Janiak skillfully paced the story from start, to the unexpected, but not forced mid-film revelation, all the way through to the end. She made me really care about these characters despite the slashing and the bountiful amounts of exposition over the three films. 

Good job everyone, good job Netflix.

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