Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Unlike Black Widow, which had no real reason to exist, Shang-Chi literally raises so many fucking questions about the future of the MCU while at the same time, being a thrilling and beautiful Chinese fantasy epic.

The hand-to-hand fight scenes are easily the best I've seen from any comic book movie. They are hard-hitting, elegant, fast-paced, and ACTUALLY COMPREHENSIBLE. Jesus, the camera actually lets us see what the fuck is happening with the action, never once letting the audience get lost or confused.

The cinematography is also the best the MCU has up to this point. I don't know how they get some of these fucking shots. Like, there's this bus fight (you see it in the trailers) and the camera swoops around like a madman and I'm just thinking to myself: "how are they getting these fucking action shots??? They're in a cramped-ass bus!!!"

Even the villain is a very tragic character. I won't get into details, but damn, he's one of the best MCU villains yet.

Simu Liu, who I loved in Kim's Convenience, is a goddamn star. He has so much charisma, dramatic chops, and again, holy fuck, he can fight.

Marvel movies are fucking back, baby.

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