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  • Fargo
  • All That Jazz
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • It's Such a Beautiful Day

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  • Easter in Sicily

  • Who Am I This Time?

  • Tokyo-Ga

  • Safe

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  • Easter in Sicily

    Easter in Sicily

    goooooooooooood MORNING

  • Aftersun



    it's literally just a really sad guy on vacation and I still don't know if I mean that as a compliment or a dig.

Popular reviews

  • Everything Will Be OK

    Everything Will Be OK

    "Bill dropped his keys on the counter and stood there staring at them, suddenly thinking about all the times he’d thrown his keys there before and how many days of his life were wasted repeating the same tasks and rituals in his apartment over and over again. But then he wondered if, realistically, this was his life, and the unusual part was his time spent doing other things."

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    thought i could take a nap while watching this with a friend since I've seen it twice before. lol yeah right.

    this movie builds plot and suspense so nicely. don't even get me started on the acting and cinematography.


    don't get married.