The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter ★★★★★

I can understand the controversies around this film in 1979 and just how hard it must have ben for viewers, especially if they had any personal connections to the Vietnam Conflict to sit through this. Still though, The Deer Hunter is a haunting look not just at a war that pushed men to their limits on survival, but also the after effects and coming home to surround yourself with people who will never understand the pain and torture you and your friends went through. This is one of the best war films I have seen. I see it as anti-war. I love a film that makes you talk and come up with your own thoughts from the symbolism of the deer to the final scene that uses 'America the Beautiful' in a way that can be opened for interpretation. The Deer Hunter is challenge. It builds on its character and the love and brotherhood they have for one another and slowly rips it apart in the jungles of Vietnam to reveal true horrors.

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