Moonlight ★★★★

The last time I watched this, I didn't love it. The reason: I sat in front of an old white couple who either talked or snickered the entire time. LAME. So thankfully I received a screener of this and got to watch it in the comfort of my living room. Bless. A remarkable and important film.

Setting apart Moonlight from anything that has come before it is its tone. I noticed this time how hushed everything is. There's no real chaos, scenes simply showing faces and emotion are spread throughout to create a melancholy effect for Chiron through his life and yet in all of these powerful scenes, there's pain and questioning behind everybody. If anything, this film has the "look" effect. A glance at another person, the stare into the camera, into a mirror are all haunting and say so much. This screenplay is so beautifully developed and though these characters are flawed, they all help to push the narrative of Chiron into something heartbreaking yet, hopeful.

I think the most compelling and personal scene for me is when young Chiron asks if he's a faggot. I have had to endure that word and what came after. Imagine this kid asking this. And the answer to the question is so subtle and yet so emotionally draining, I see a young me reflecting back on when I was called that in school. I am so very glad my second time with this was a whole lot better.

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