• Blonde



    Abstract, transcendent, incredibly bleak. Ana de Armas delivers a truly tortured performance in a film that’s deeply dark and depressing, but ultimately profound for its entire runtime. A mix of surreal, fragmented images and sounds, and ones that are cold in their reality.  Like a top review points out it’s truly a successor to The Last Temptation of Christ in both it’s thematic purpose and public reaction, and also how they should be viewed as not an actual depiction but…

  • Pearl



    Flawlessly made on a technical level. Mia Goth is a triumph here with a historic monologue for me. The story didn’t do as much for me as X but it continues to explore the same themes and motivations and I can’t wait for Maxxxine to conclude these themes and hopefully link these films and the characters Mia plays even more  perfectly. What I really loved was this classic technicolor old Hollywood aesthetic mixed with this absolutely deranged blood bath. So…

  • X



    Liked it even more the second time. Really noticed a lot of the thematic messages rather than just focusing on the graphic stuff. The stuff about sex and aging works, but especially the commentary on religion I found very well done especially the shots of crosses throughout and when they are placed.

  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    Coolest thing ever

  • Beast



    Loses it’s thrills and charm after the first attack but it’s watchable. Biggest problem is using the animal over and over with little time for actual suspense.

  • DC League of Super-Pets

    DC League of Super-Pets


    Actually really funny and entertaining. Gimme more Keanu Reeves Batman.

  • Prey



    One of the most uniquely badass franchise films ur gonna find these days, like it’s a miracle on a basic conceptual level that this exists. The way it blends Native American culture particularly of hunting and respect for animals with the Predators own lore and hunting is genius. Definitely the most thematically purposeful these films have ever been, but still just as, if not more so badass and exciting. As different as it is it still goes back to the…

  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    This is genuinely incredible lmao

  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    Of course it delivers with the action because the film gets started immediately and doesn’t slow down, but the story is also jammed packed with literally every little small quiet moment coming back to mean something. The fate gimmick got a bit over done by the end but I mostly enjoyed it. It’s by far the best David Leitch film so far. The cast is packed as well with so many beloved actors just randomly showing up throughout. The emotional weight of the brotherhood aspect was surprisingly impactful.

  • Nope



    Similar to Us it loses some of its effectiveness once there’s no longer a mystery, but also like Us everything before that is so damn genius and legitimately perfect you cant help but love the entire film. Masterful suspense, and moments that are actually freaky to witness which a lot of horror doesn’t do that to me anymore. As always Peele wrote an incredibly clever and satisfying script that makes everything feel purposeful and thematically dense even if it doesn’t…

  • The Gray Man

    The Gray Man


    Definitely a film that focuses on the things the russos are best at instead of trying to be something different like Cherry. More alike the Winter soldier than anything else they’ve made recently. It’s got a great sleek and cinematic vibe to the whole thing with a badass performance by Ryan Gosling and an unhinged Chris Evans. Some of the action is a bit incoherent and the dialogue is questionable at best but for the most part it’s a very…

  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone


    Legitimately genius in a lot of ways. The screenplay is very satisfying. The way it’s shot is insanely cinematic and the sound is great as well. Ethan Hawke is insane. Very strong horror film all around.