Werewolf by Night

Werewolf by Night ★★★★

Some of the coolest shots to ever come out of the mcu like the long take of the fight and the transformation shot. I love weird random stuff like this instead of another antman movie. This would be a better theatrical experience than most of their actual movies, so not to be ungrateful for what we got, but I wish this was a full length release, because this idea and execution could easily support another hour, and probably actually needs another one because some of it is very underdeveloped. I was worried this would be gimmicky and try too hard to be different and violent, but it all works beautifully. The kills are incredible, it’s visually appealing, and the characters are actually very entertaining and well written for something so short. Great stuff that works as a homage to the classics of the genre, and something new for this universe to explore.

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