Spencer ★★★★½

Genius, masterful filmmaking. A performance so transcendent that it should be a certainty to win every award and if it doesn’t will signal the death of all legitimacy to said awards. Regardless, those things don’t really matter when you have something this special. Stewart has been one of my favorite actresses for awhile now, but here she submits her place in film history with the best performance in years. From her small mannerisms to her mental breakdowns, it’s all perfect. She truly disappears. The visuals are so hypnotic and haunting, it’s beautiful, but something always feels wrong, under the surface lurking. The score compliments this feeling as well. Trapped in a never ending maze of privilege and absurdity, a train so detached from reality that never stops. She’s the only one who seems to be self aware in this constant game of tradition. As she says multiple times everything is so planned and set in tradition that’s there’s actually no future for anyone. It literally feels like a horror movie more than anything else. A slow build of psychological despair as emotionless hollow shells stare at you. A surreal nightmare. One of the year’s best. Insanely bold and provocative considering a lot of these people are still alive. Genuinely reaches some disturbing psychological depths. Must see for anyone who has any interest in film solely for the sake of experiencing Stewart’s historic performance because it’s an education on what’s possible in the art form. 
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