Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★½

I wasn’t fully feeling the first half just because I felt the setting was too serious for the level of these films and just the tone doesn’t fit it at all, so it felt a little goofy for some of it, but not in a charming campy way the others felt given their authentic slasher vibes to the eras they were depicting. I did enjoy the notion of switching antagonist to protagonist and show that what we thought was the evil we’ve been battling for two films is merely a victim of oppressive organized religion and eventually cops. I kept thinking of The VVitch the entire time which was just unfair on my part because this story and acting is Disney channel compared to that. The second half brought back everything I loved though. Overall, I really loved this trilogy, they brought back a type of horror film I love, but the first is definitely the one that achieved this best, I genuinely see that one as a gold standard slasher especially its opening and ending and overall aesthetic. I love the notion of how the trilogy really connects through the cyclical nature of the romance of two different couples told by the same actresses. It also feels cyclical in terms of how it all ends where it began in terms of the stories and film locations. It’s very satisfying how much foreshadowing from all the films come to fruition. Feels like two different movies, the first being decent and the second is pretty dang great. Great conclusion to the trilogy.
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