Black Adam

Black Adam ★★★½

Generic? Absolutely, but it’s the most purely entertaining unapologetically badass superhero movie I’ve ever seen. Just 2 hours of nonstop explosions and gods beating each other up. It’s a lot of fun. There’s not a lot to it, it takes little time to get started and just never slows down. I loved the action sequences especially the visuals of them aside from some bad cgi. The slowmo worked a lot for me and the flashbacks were borderline ripping off 300. Dr Fate is so cool and definitely my favorite part. It’s exactly what I expected from a Dwayne Johnson superhero movie. Just pure entertainment that’s a safe bet. Genuinely enjoyed all these characters and would like to see them again. It’s the first time the DCEU has felt actually coherent and something resembling a plan since the beginning.
The end credit scene is the first time I’ve had a genuine nerd reaction in awhile 😂. If that set up becomes a movie imma be there day 1

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