The Viewing

The Viewing ★★★★½

Having had my mind slightly blown by Nic Cage in Mandy, I was eagerly anticipating this drawer if GdT's Cabinet, especially after a couple of less interesting episodes.

I wasn't disappointed. The synth score is right in my sweetspot and I love his deliberate style of, well, everything. The stilted dialogue begins to unravel as the various narcotics and Japanese Whisky distilled with children's tears (I might have made that detail up) kick in.

Robocop has matured into (Kill) Bill, but if he was now a 300 year old vampire. In a good way.

Is the message that cannabis smoke really is more dangerous than we think?

Love how Charlotte can drive that supercar like a Boss.

Laughed very loud at the sudden cut to The Doobie Brothers.

Soooo much more interesting than almost everything else so far.

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