Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

Back when I watched the oft recommended Moonrise Kingdom, I had this strange realisation that the things people commonly praise about Wes Anderson films (the symmetrical cinematography, the stylised performances) were the exact things preventing me from forming an emotional attachment to the film or characters. It was a layer of artificiality and abstraction that just made it not work for me, and whilst I could recognise it was very well made, I just couldn't quite bring myself to care about people who acted like mannequins in It's a Small World.

But, never one to give up, I figured I'd give Fantastic Mr Fox a go. Because animation already provides a layer of artifice, and because a heist movie might call for the exact kind of clockwork precision that Anderson employs. And I'm glad I did give it a go, because this was really great. I still have strong memories of being read Road Dahl's book as a child, and reading it myself when I was old enough, and Anderson's adaptation really brings the story to life in a big way, with some additions that feel in the spirit and of a kind with the source novel.

I think this puts me firmly on board with delving deeper into the Wes Anderson canon.

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