Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ★★★★½

Curse of the Black Pearl has no right whatsoever being as good as it is. I love almost every single aspect of this film and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. Some people love this movie but just see it as a really solid adventure film with an interesting story. To me, this film serves as the representation of what happens if you try your hardest to make a movie fantastic. Despite all the Disney money thrown at this project, there's so much energy and merit to be found here that shows that a blockbuster film has no right whatsoever in being bad.

Not only is this film so breathtaking in its technical presentation, but it contains one of the most clever and witty scripts ever for a big-budget Hollywood movie. So many scenes serve a dual purpose, both generating excitement and developing the characters at the same time. Take, for example, the blacksmith workshop fight scene. You learn the motivations, the strengths, and the weaknesses of character Will Turner while also bearing witness to an extremely fun fight scene. It's simple, yet genius and it's scenes like this that make the film so interesting. There's so much to experience and learn in a scene from this film that upon what seems like my seventh rewatch of this film, I'm still picking up character nuances that create so much depth. It's stupid impressive.

It goes without saying that this movie looks stunning with so much practicality and great visual effects that still hold up well today. The score is iconic at this point and the setpieces absolutely transport you to locations and eras most of us have never ever seen. The performances as well are so great. Johnny Depp is absolutely fantastic as this character, and Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are ridiculously likable.

The only sin is that none of the film's successors ever lived up to the prowess of the first installment.

"Parleley, parlelellyleloooo, par le nee, partner, par... snip, parsley..."

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