Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne ★★

Jason Bourne feels shockingly pointless and redundant with so many scenes simply a retread of previous Bourne movies. Worst of all, the big set pieces Greengrass attempts to hinge this on are woefully dull and by the numbers. Damon is fine here but Tommy Lee Jones is too much for this role. In fact, when Vikander (a fine actress but poorly miscast here) is looking up info online about TLJ's character, I initially thought she was reading an article about famous actor Tommy Lee Jones. It was also disappointing to see so much extravagantly fantastical technology on display. Apparently the CIA has the tech to "enhance" an unintelligibly blocky video still into a perfect HD picture and can use facial recognition to find just about anyone within mere seconds. At least Jeremy Renner must be happy that he's no longer the star of the worst Bourne movie.

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