The Boy and the Heron

The Boy and the Heron ★★★

uh oh! 

this was a bit of a jumbled mess. act two hits and it’s like you missed something. they clumsily worldbuild it by just kinda explaining things as you go. “those are blahblahs, theyre unborn souls but they have to blahblah or else they wont be born.” and it’s like ok thanks that totally makes this world make sense now 

this kinda increases as the runtime goes, stacking confusing world building metaphors on top of the actual character background. by the climax theyre all stacked precariously like old dude’s tower 

i love seeing ghibli in theaters music was good its pretty first third was solid but yea uh idk

ending spoilers!!!!

so by the last moments he decides to not live in the weirdoworld, which makes sense because they hardly spent a sentence explaining why the original guy did. but his reasoning is that he wants to live with his friends even though he has no friends and clearly hated life. his dad sucks he barely knows his aunt more than a lady he wanted to save. he has nothing in either world this isnt a happy ending it’s kinda nothing idk man

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