Smooth Talk

Smooth Talk ★★★½

Siblings talking in movies: "You remember when we were little and you used to let me sit with you and the band. It was always cold out there under the stars. November, I think, and we'd run and run and sing and sing. And dance.“

Siblings talking in real life "Give it me! That's mine. You shit-hag, give it. MOOOOOOOOM! Lara's wearing my dress and she's stretching it out! Take it off you fat slag!"


Looks great. Dern's great. Williams is great. And I haven't seen enough movies like this from a young teenage girl's POV, which was great. Loved all the sequences in the summer heat hanging with her friends and boys.

And that amazing Treat Williams scene by the car. With all that creeping dread. Fantastic

But what stops me from really LOVING it was I found all the family stuff phoney as shit. That actor playing the mum, yikes. Maybe it's because she had to say line's like "Who made up these damn rules? And who says I have to follow them? I mean why can't I ever say what I feel?! I miss this Connie." Plus the sibling stuff (see above) and then how they all made up at the end. C'mon, now, don't play me like that after all that other good shit, son.

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