Spencer ★★★★½

I will always highly score "biopics" that aren't formulaic.

It's seldom when haunting and heartbreaking looked so beautiful and was so quiet. Spencer is a brief, yet implosive portrait of a particular moment of Diana Spencer's life in royalty when the walls were closing in, even in the happiest time of the year.

What makes the performance of Kristen Stewart so riveting is, not the aggressive and dramatic moments (of which there are very few), but the quiet expressions. You see the internal pain, grueling struggle, and mental weariness of Diana in the slightest of stares and movements.

What director Pablo Larraín and writer Steven Knight did was compose a painful poem of a film. While not exploring the goings-on all that deeply, one can argue that what we see more than suffices. You're placed into her anguish and feel it throughout. One can't help but let out a sigh once credits roll.

High marks for Claire Mathon's gorgeous cinematography and a perfect Jonny Greenwood score.


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