Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity ★★★★

Really good, but not perfect. Unravels in the end for me; Phyllis' rottenness is too convenient, her cruelty taken for granted, rather than realized, so her undignified downfall is easier to swallow. But that's a noir for you. Also, am I really supposed to believe that a measly gunshot wound to the shoulder put Walter Neff on the brink of death?

Most of this is quite exceptional, though. The script is tight and clever and full of searing wit. Barbra Thee Stanwyck is on fire (pretty sure this is my first movie of hers) like I've seen few actors before. And the structure is delicious, because it does what is usually the most uncertain legwork (guessing what is gonna happen to the hero) for you, which tells immediately that what goes on in the middle is going to be anything but conventional, because otherwise that would just be too easy. Billy Wilder knows better than that.

Gonna classify this genre as "Hornicidal," where you wanna bone so bad you're either willing to kill for it, or killing makes you so horny you throw caution to the wind. Might have to make a list.

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