The Gray Man

The Gray Man ★★★★½

i don’t care what anyone has said or will say. this movie was incredibly fun, and not bad. 

first of all, it kept my attention. the fast paced action scenes were great and did a good job of making me feel the suspense and tension. however, there’s also some slower scenes with good drama. overall, it felt fast and kept moving along, but didn’t feel rushed. 

the cast? amazing. chris, ryan, and ana absolutely nailed it. all 3 actually had a few truly funny moments, and chris was honestly hilarious. his performance was maybe the best if i’m being honest. i sort of doubted him before watching this as a villain, but he pulled it off and then some. the performances all around were great. one other cast member stood out to me, julia butters as claire. she was wonderful to watch and i have a feeling she might be around for a while. 

i found the plot and story in general to be entertaining. it wasn’t a crazy concept or something that’s never been done, but it was done well regardless. 

also, the cinematography i enjoyed quite a bit. with one element specifically though, the drone shots, were incredible and were fun to watch. 

overall i’d say this is a fun movie that many will put down but i had a fun 2 hours watching this to say the least. i’d definitely recommend everyone watch it at least once. 

(side note: i truly believe this is a 4, but i have to give it a 4.5 for now. the current 3 stars is absolutely disgusting)

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