Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★

why are you doing this? 
because you let me. 

Speak No Evil absolutely nails being in a deeply uncomfortable and distressing social setting—my anxiety had a field day with this one—but the most surprising thing about this is how humans are so quickly to be trusting, are we that desperate for social interaction? 

I wanted to love this, but only ended up appreciating it for its relentlessness and feel-bad mood in the final act, knowing already that the director wanted us to hate him by the end of it, didn’t help. really didn’t need another funny games-esque movie, but ended up getting quite the mash up of the strangers meets the invitation combined with that controlled unnerving tone Haneke has mastered, and it still couldn’t get there for me! Was a easy way to get my blood boiled though, moral of this movie—recently in the film Watcher someone says “I should tell more people to fuck off”— if the vibes are off I would respectfully fucking decline and leave.

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