Sick ★★★

*sings Bayside lyrics*
sick, sick, sick
it’s sick, sick, sick

Sick traded in “what’s your favorite scary movie?” for “where’s your mask?” surprisingly not bad for a modern day COVID-slasher midst the early days of the global pandemic, the shortage of toilet paper was a baaaad touch but we’re not here for that harsh reminder. Sick works effectively when the camera is in the face of the gnarly murder scenes and drawn out cat and mouse chase sequences that just ideally go hand-in-hand, still predictable to all hell and doesn’t bring anything innovative to the slasher game! truthfully the short runtime made this feel like an episode from that show Slasher on Netflix rather than something Peacock would release—so I’m slightly shocked— but it’s really all thanks to Kevin Williamson and that familiar home invasion feel that surely didn’t go unnoticed, that’s so craven

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