RRR ★★★★½

another addition to the ‘letterboxd made me watch this’ catalogue and boy am I glad you guys persuaded me—the realness of the Boxd I trust. 

EPIC is hands down the greatest word I could use to describe RRR
Redefining action adventure cinema in its most riveting, joyous, and poignant way, this was unexpectedly wonderful, I am deeply unfamiliar with Indian cinema/Tollywood— which is shameful of me—but if this is just one piece of the cinematic puzzle, my horizons have never looked more heavenly. What a movie!!! the dynamic between the two leads was profoundly mesmerizing and ludricous, a clear indication that love runs deep in a friendship, there’s just way too much to unpack in this three hour epic, some of the most jaw dropping violent set pieces between man vs man, so many scenes pulled at my heart strings, while others left me emotionally scarred, if there’s one thing I could say is RRR is very hard not to love, a explosive experience from start to finish. See it immediately!

RISE, ROAR, REVOLT and Alluri Sitarama Raju’s mustache. 

It was the piggyback ride for me >>>>

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