Erotic Nightmare

Erotic Nightmare ★★★★

This might be your dream, but I control everything. 

Wishmaster but make it CAT III, where erotic dreams turn into dire consequences. the first film in Vinegar Syndrome’s Made in Hong Kong Volume One boxset is a late CAT III sleazefest with a sexually frustrated Anthony Wong who has one too many wet dreams that turn into lucid nightmares. approached by a monk—with a business card—offering him “a dream worth a thousand little deaths” sounds prettttty tempting to our horny Anthony Wong but this fuck-master sorcerer has a different form of death on his mind. Not nearly as gruesome or vicious as other CAT III films but fans of sexploitation will be left satisfied. Erotic Nightmare is mainly perverted fun, with a handful of trashy softcore sex scenes, and has good ol’ black magic ridiculousness with a cute ghost schoolgirl messing with the minds of men who keep coming back for more. I kind of love how Anthony Wong either has sweat dripping down his face or is covered in blood splatter, or both—a pure madman.

💞 Bobo the nightmare girl 💞

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