Ambulance ★★★★

I lose faith in humanity everyday, but not in you. 

What a ride! The action is so unforgiving and loud, pure in-your-face adrenaline sequences that are delivered at high octane volumes. The theater was eating this up! Even though the dialogue is on the cheesier and whimsical side, it works entirely in its favor. Jake is at his most unhinged—and manic! Everything about this is screaming unrealistic and was made purely just for the sake of being entertaining. This is Bayhem, this is Michael Bay at his most incoherent, hyperkinetic and camera-happy. I had a fucking blast watching this. 
If you don’t walk out of this movie without a headache did you watch the movie at all? 

*Christopher Cross’s Sailing plays loudly, so loudly in the background*

🦩 🦩 🦩

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