Bullitt ★★★★

There cannot be anything new to write about this iconic film but I will say that watching it last night on Blu-ray with all the lovey shiny coloured cars it was a refreshing experience. A little slow at first, as used to be the case - no bang into the action and then going back in the 60s - but it soon picks up and anyway we have Mr Cool to look at. Any number of McQueen close-ups throughout and despite the allure of those piercing blue eyes you just know his mind is ticking over and the story is about to take a lurch. Jacqueline Bisset is at her prettiest and Robert Vaughan his slimiest but we do not spend much time with sex or the intricacies of the political situation for this is one man against the system with lots of immaculately filmed 'chase'. Actually, although the 'Frisco car chase is still wonderful to watch I was particularly stunned with the non car chase in the busy airport at the end. Lots of clever editing, I'm sure but still a thrill to watch. Fine film with Steve McQueen at his best.

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