The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

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Batman meets Se7en and Zodiac. Matt Reeves’ film noir take on the Caped Crusader lived up to the hype as this ended up being his masterpiece. The Batman was never going to top The Dark Knight, not even Nolan himself was able to do this but I’ll happily accept the runner-up spot when it comes to Batman. I really liked how Matt Reeves and Co. decided to focus on Year 2 of Bruce Wayne being Batman instead of doing yet another origin story. We’ve already seen that numerous times and it was nice to see something different. The detective aspect ruled so hard and that’s something most fans have always wanted to see and I’m happy we got it. 

LOVED every second and Robert Pattinson has potential of being the best Batman. I really think he can top Christian Bale if the rest of his movies end up being this good. No more slander, we as a society have to move on from this because he’s always been talented. Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman was really good, still think Michelle Pfeiffer is the definitive Catwoman though but I liked her quite a bit. Paul Dano as The Riddler, holy shit. THIS WAS THE VERSION OF THE RIDDLER I’VE BEEN WANTING TO SEE. Legit creeped me out because of how menacing he was. Reminded me of the Zodiac Killer and at times, Jigsaw. Colin Farrell as Bill Belichick, I mean The Penguin was a scene stealer. Really liked his interpretation and the makeup job was top notch; still can’t believe that was him and I’m interested to see how his show ends up being. Jeffrey Wright was amazing as Commissioner Gordon and he too, has potential to be the best interpretation of that character 

The Batman was my most anticipated release of the year and I’m so happy it ended up being as advertised. Majority of the movie had me smiling like the shot of Nicole Kidman in the AMC ad where she’s glowing due to the projector being behind her & Vince McMahon when he’s all excited because it was that fucking good. The score and cinematography from Giacchino and Fraser also went hard. Vengeance did in fact, feel good in a place like this 🦇

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