Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

Loki, Captain Marvel, Sully, Ralph and a big monkey.
An expedition to the unknown skull island is sorted as a group of militants are followed by researchers to see what they can find there. They get stranded and there’s a lot of monsters there. 
Well at least I could see the monsters this time, that’s an immediate plus point for everything so far in this series. The cast is stellar, it’s a shame how cookie cutter all of the characters (apart from John C. Reilly) are. John C. Reilly absolutely carries the film with his whacky, but heartfelt performance and I really rooted for his character. The monster scenes were all very good, we got lots of action and the big fight at the end wasn’t at all disappointing. The plot was fairly similar to your typical Kong, instead no one was in it for profit and there’s no city widespread, Empire State based antics. This is just a lobster movie, it doesn’t try to be any more than that, well when it isn’t talking about war every five seconds. It felt at times like a retaliation to Japan using Godzilla as a symbol for war, it felt really forced and boring here though. This is fun for what it is though, some better characters really would’ve pushed thus far.
Kong: Skull Island continues the trend of good KK films for me. Granted I haven’t seen them all, but this was just a fun monster bash. Something I wish I could say about the other “Monsterverse” movies.


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