My favourites are four first-time watches I loved in August 2022

Favorite films

  • Lonelyhearts
  • Julia Misbehaves
  • The Neon Ceiling
  • Showdown

Recent activity

  • After Yang

  • Cover Up

  • French Kiss

  • Abandoned

Recent reviews

  • After Yang

    After Yang

    For me, Columbus is pretty perfect, so it's hard not to be a little disappointed that Kogonada's follow-up, After Yang, very much isn't. There are just way too many ideas for the movie's relatively slim frame to handle, and that means those quiet moments that made Columbus so special are much fewer and further between. I wish he'd gone for either a longer runtime, or a narrower depth of focus.

    That being said, there are far worse problems for a…

  • Cover Up

    Cover Up

    Dennis O’Keefe starred in some beautifully gritty noirs, but this isn’t one of them. Cover Up frequently hints that it’s heading off that way - and indeed would have been a better film for it - but it ultimately always returns to being a cheerful, cosy Christmas movie. It’s largely entertaining, and again there’s some good dialogue (O’Keefe - under a pseudonym - actually has a writing credit on this one), but it’s just too light to be all that memorable.

Popular reviews

  • Roll Red Roll

    Roll Red Roll

    If you’re looking to get angry - and I mean blood-boilingly, ear-steamingly furious - then I’ve got just the documentary for you...

  • Surge


    I understand the Joker comparisons, but I think Surge is a whole lot better. For one thing, its genuinely unpredictable. A manic, unwieldy Ben Whishaw seems capable of doing anything under the sun, which means you can’t relax for an instant. For another, it never feels weighed down by the weight of its own importance. Joker was heavy with self-seriousness and the desperate need to make big proclamations about ‘society’. Beyond a general nihilism, Surge never feels like a message movie.…