• Muppets from Space

    Muppets from Space


    First ever Muppet movie I saw when I was a kid during the early 2000s, after getting Muppet Race Mania for the PS1.
    I'm not from the USA and Muppets were nowhere as popular in my country, but this movie fascinated me beyond words.
    It's pretty high on my comfort movies list and I can watch it nonstop.
    I get why people didn't like it that much: it's not partly musical, it's way more fictional than the previous titles (the…

  • Violent Night

    Violent Night

    A gory, violent and foul-mouthed yet silly and magical Christmas Movie.
    I have no idea who this movie is intended for. Its structure is pretty much like your average family-friendly Christmas Movie (such as Elf), yet it's too violent and over the top for a kid to enjoy it.
    Again, it's pretty basic and feel-goody to be an adult-exclusive movie.
    I have no idea what's the target audience for this and I'm very confused.
    Also, nothing special. It's neither too serious or silly and it's pretty predictable.
    I am confused.

  • Ask Me If I Am Happy

    Ask Me If I Am Happy


    5 stelle. Capolavoro del trio, meraviglioso film sull'amicizia, di una veracità palpabile, esilarante e a tratti dolorosa. Per quanto Tre Uomini e Una Gamba sia iconico, come film strutturato su una trama lineare non credo sia toccante e ben confezionato quanto questo.
    I voti non italiani non contano. I voti della gen-z non contano. Non sindacabile. Andate in pace.

  • The Menu

    The Menu


    Hell's Kitchen and Danganronpa's bastard son

  • Jackass Forever

    Jackass Forever


    I thought a bear would be scarier than a pogo stick.

  • Free Guy

    Free Guy


    This movie comes from an alternate, wrong universe.
    We live in the correct one, where its main concept and themes gave birth to a well-written, fun and suited for everyone movie: The Lego Movie.
    In another universe, the same concept gave birth to Free Guy, a poorly written, cringy and soulless movie whose existence makes no sense in our material world.
    Why the fuck do I keep spending money watching trash like this? I think I'm depressed.

  • mother!



    pretentious garbage