Roma ★★★★

The biggest strength and weakness in Cuaron's Roma is in its simplicity. The story is nothing particularly grand or extraordinary, such as in Cuaron's previous three films (although this is most comparable to his last Spanish language effort, Y Tu Mama Tambien). What certainly is extraordinary however, is the look of this movie. Seriously, every frame has so much going on for the viewer to look at, yet it all looks so domestic. He glides the camera from multiple different angles in the same shot and captures so much in the images. The monochromatic choice complemented that very well, I feel. There isn't anything bad that stands out to me in the craft of Roma, the acting is good, the screenplay is solid, etc. etc. But I guess I was hoping it would've hit me harder, or had a bigger purpose in the end, rather than just another "slice of life" film which has been so popular recently. I wish I could say this is 5/5 masterpiece, but hey, a 4/5 great movie is still recommended, and easily Netflix's best original film.

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