• Nomadland



    Those actor centred unimaginative, unoriginal, non cinematographic movies that take almost 2 hours of nothing to make a point you could write in 2 sentences..
    I mean please bring arguments or anything

    What I mean is this is book adaptation that needed to stay a book

  • Kiss of the Spider Woman

    Kiss of the Spider Woman


    And tonight I watched another unknown cinema masterpiece

  • Annie Hall

    Annie Hall


    Great ideas, but the usual softness is not there
    The character here is pathetic and it takes minutes to understand it's not a parody but just Woddy Allen genuenly thinking they are being funny and showing it off on screen
    Pretty cringe uh
    but again, great cinema ideas, nice ending

  • When the Cat Comes

    When the Cat Comes


    Essential movie, cinema masterpiece about magic, love, childhood, imagination and the purpose of life

  • Pests



    Trop forte Juliette

  • Love at the Top

    Love at the Top


    As brilliant and absurd as it is, this remains misogynistic
    Maybe the point is to tell the thing is pointless, but the experience then remains kind of boring
    This is the issue with irony and satire at that level
    As much as you parody something, if it's too close, then it's not really funny

  • Dogtooth



    Want to be free

    Stay spontaneous, have impulses

    You are not defined by what you learnt, but what you feel and act

    As someone with past traumas, this speaks LOUD. Nothing is granted

  • Le Navire Night

    Le Navire Night


    I watched multiple movies at once, yet on my TV screen there was no movie at all

  • The Family

    The Family



  • Ten Meter Tower

    Ten Meter Tower


    Amazing in festival

  • Princess Mononoke

    Princess Mononoke


    Le plus important c'est la leçon

    Une leçon d'amour, de foi, de confiance, d'espoir et de compassion

    Merci les ambiances de l'avoir passé en salle ce soir, c'était la bonne chose après tout

  • Burning



    Films that hurt your feelings