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  • My Winnipeg

    My Winnipeg


    Now I need to rewatch it several times

    Sublime, amazing expressive film about childlike wonder of one's city to live in and know everything of, memories and time passing
    Not only that, but it is a stylistic and rethoric masterpiece

  • Contretemps



    I felt like the facial expressions and face animation are lacking and maybe that's too bad for a short where it may be of very importance, BUT the mood described through colors is where the work's at, and the feeling described here is precise.

    You can feel the short was rushed and lacked time for finish, but that's what school plannings do to a short film, + it reflects on the context of production and the "total laxism of the school" 's stories heard from gobelin's students through anim students in France during the pandemic. Touché