The Woman King

The Woman King ★★★

I was just waiting for someone to say why are you running

Cook Book Film Review
1 cup Black Panther
1 cup Agojie
Dash of The Expendables

Grab all that historical inaccuracy and goodness into a pot and crank up the heat and let it all melt down into a yummy goodness in

Wonder Woman
Strap in for this historical action drama about the Agojie an elite group of women warriors as they slash, hack, and chop through men with no blood or gashes.

There is no doubt this is a well-crafted action-drama film with great visuals, direction, well-acted, well-choregraphed fight sequences, beautiful photographed and film. There is doubt about that, but I was not too captivated by the story all that much too me it felt it fell to much into 80s action tropes to me that doesn't make it a bad film at all I think it's a great film made with lots of heart and talent.

The cast gives it all strong great performances from all the execution of the action sequences are great, dazzling, and visual. they feel brutal and are thrilling like any great action epic sequence.

The story just didn't resonate or click with me like it has with others that's all, but I was entertained and intrigued enough to enjoy most of the film

Overall C+ 6.5/10 Matinee. It's a well-crafted beautifully made action-drama epic with a great cast giving stellar performances from the fight sequences down to the smaller moments. It's a mild recommendation

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