Spencer ★★★★★

watched on LFF 8 October 2021

oh boy, I think I just found my favorite film in 2021.

I never knew that a princess' biopic could be downright relatable that I even forgot how many times I tried to hold back the tears as the film progressed. it's claustrophobic, terrifying, and in many occasions the tragedy's just too painful to see. it's Diana's hell, as she saw, felt, & experienced it.

Stewart's powerhouse performance was riveting & majestically phenomenal as a princess who constantly felt suffocated, anxious, & lonely as she was trapped in a life she did not feel fondly & did not feel welcomed within the Royal Family. with such an endearing yet heartwrenching performance, she deserves all the praises & awards this year.

Larrain's direction for this nonconventional biopic was powerful & poignant. I don't know how he did it, but the way he translated the intensity of heightened anxieties, depression, & panic attack into the screen seemed so real that it's terrifying! Greenwoods' haunting yet dreamy melancholic score was one to be applauded, too.

verdict: 5/5
a brilliant, beautiful, & provocative masterpiece.

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