Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★½

The plot is needlessly convoluted and it's a good 15-minutes or so longer than it needs to be (a bit like any train ride here in the UK then), but I surprisingly enjoyed this fast and furious ride on a bullet train across Japan. Brad Pitt is effortlessly charming, but the real MVPs are Brian Tyree Henry's Thomas the Tank Engine obsessed cockney and his abrasive 'twin' Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who both steal the show.

Throw in some fun cameos, slick and stylish action, and an irreverent tone that you'll either hate or vibe with, and you've got another film that wouldn't exist without John Wick stirring up the action genre, but even with all of the assassins and gun-fu, this thankfully stands on its own two feet, delighting in being its own weird, overwrought thing. It's also one of those films where the cast is obviously having an awesome time and it rubs off on you.

But maaaaan, the employees on this train are not very switched on, are they?

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