I Am Here....Now

I Am Here....Now ½

I Am Here….Now was just a horrible mess of a movie with literally nothing but ironic enjoyment going for it. As we pointed out multiple times while viewing, we had all seen school projects with better directing than this film. The shots are all horrible, a lot of them are reused multiple times throughout the film, and the plot is so minimal it easily could have been a five minute short film. I hate how Neil Breen directed the women in this film, always having them in skimpy tops or none at all, it was just really gross and misogynistic. You definitely get the sense that Breen thinks he’s being extremely deep in his social and political commentary but it really never digs any deeper than a fifth grader would. I’m astounded at his ability to find what I can only assume are the ten worst actors in the world to play the characters in this mess of a film. It was so ridiculous and awful, so of course I had a blast loving it. I enjoyed watching it a lot more than some of the other films that I’v logged on here, even, yet I can’t in good conscious rate this any higher than the lowest I can go.


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