Riders of Justice

Riders of Justice ★★★★½

Probability. Absolutely excellent.

I wish I had that level of people watching to pick up on these things, or free Zumba classes. and what's the odds of a probability guy being in the right place.

You'll never look at people around you in the same way again. Oh heck more reason to cross the street.

I have a new found love of the shovel hand slap, bushy beards, and the term 'theres is no fucking balls match in piss Denmark ...

I was wetting myself for Markus to pop, when he does it's glorious.

Best defence ever.... Arse akimbo.

I've been all over the place with this film, laughed, winced, gasped, and the strongest one....
cried. Grief is a bastwerd.

Can I leave on saying a moustache on brass is a rumpatumtum.

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