Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★

Laboratory, jump to a hostage situation, then the jungle, Where the feck am I?

All of these things should fit together. all of these things should feel the same.

I know if my son looks like he's dying I want to go out for air and wiggle my ass, seductively fan my hat.

I'm pretty sure if I see a zombie ever I'll never mistake it for a leprechaun? and if my man pukes like that guy, its over. Scalp him ya dumb vegetables. These are slow zombies, so you can just knock em out of the way and run past them.

Ahhhh really, the psychic white blonde girl was interesting, getting all triballed up (body paint changes a lot between takes) shes pure accepted in. Then she wasn't interesting.

Och do not eat maggots that have been eating yer deed granny awright! Never mind zombie, just germs ok!

It was woolly as. Fragments were good, as a film pretty pish. Oh your coming to get me, I'll just freeze outrageously, Bastards! I enjoyed the mercenaries, the main girl, and that last girl kill with the chubbiest camel toe.

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