Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

The definition of a cinematic masterpiece is not a phrase I'd usually prescribe to an animated movie about a fox heist based on a children's book. But this film is just that and more.

George Clooney is just George Clooney as a fox and he's fantastic. Christopherson and Ash's relationship dynamic is just so good in an unexplainable way. this movie is actually the pinnacle of comedy, it's legitimately hilarious. Wes Anderson's composition shots are just UGH and so necessary for the tone of this movie. The music is yummy, the storyline is yummier, and the underlying messages and tone that comes along with that is just perfection. That scene with the wolf is so weirdly beautiful in such a Wes Anderson way.

I just want to eat this whole movie. It's so appetizing.

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