Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★

This is a comedy, right? I mean, its got an overenthusiastic Hilterjugend boy with a Kiwi Hitler for an imaginary friend. So it must be a comedy, right? Right?!

Look, being an Israeli Jewish person, I love my Nazi humour as much as the next person. So this comedy would have been fine me; and indeed, THAT aspect of this film is very, very funny. So why then does around 70% of this film play like a period drama, instead?

There are moments in this which are heartfelt, poignant, delicate, absolutely beautiful and...which have no place in a whacky comedy. For the second half of the film, I was laughing less often than I was in some dramas, simply because the jokes were so few and far in between.

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