Sick ★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

This honestly felt like Tom Cruise kidnapping you before yelling at your face that you're supposed to wear your fucking mask.

Honestly, this is getting all the praise. Are you fucking kidding me? I mean if you generally like this movie than more power to you. And I am here to say this is quite possibly the stupidest horror films I've seen all year. With a premise heavily relying on setting itself in the beginning of the pandemic alongside a slasher film sounds good on paper. Whether this is better off left to your imagination or can pretty much be a short film actually. Or even get talented horror directors to make something interesting with this concept. Although to be fair, Kevin Williamson is the only selling point of this film. Having written all the Scream films, I just feel bad for him being involved in this incredibly sloppy horror slasher. He's a good writer when it comes to Scream, he's able to make a slasher movie sound like a slasher movie than just a normie horror film.

If anything, Sick is yet another blatant attempt at capitalizing off the success of Scream or Bodies, Bodies, Bodies with both movies having two female leads going to an exotic rich cabin in the woods where a supposed killer is basically haunting them. Instead of the movie trying to be smart, witty, satirical or even remotely scary like Scream or even Bodies. It just tries to be like Scream except with none of the tension or suspense, wit or intelligent commentary to make it even remotely good. What made the Scream films so interesting is it parodying the slasher tropes also the slasher genre in general while simultaneously providing a satirical social commentary on horror movie tropes. It's a slasher trope movie within a slasher movie. There's nothing, nothing that stops it from being meta or funny. I feel like that's what missing in this movie is it just takes itself way too seriously.

Again, the premise could've been passed on to a rather intelligent or talented director at the helm. Who know exactly what they're doing and yet, the way the premise is executed is so incredibly bad, sloppy, incoherent also having one of the most sinful cliches and tropes the film generically falls into. Like for example, no service on any sort of device or phone, relying too much on pointless jump scares and this movie tried so HARD to scare the shit out of me, but it succeeded at being so fucking boring.

Featuring two bare bones cardboard cutout characters we know nothing about. We barely relate to these two female characters at all. We know nothing about them except for main lead's exceeding guilt for kissing a boy and getting everybody infected. I mean the opening scene tried to open the same way Scream does every single movie. Except, the opening scenes in Scream are clever, make sense because it sets the tone for the entire movie. The killer goes to kill a random guy, no suspense, nothing. Nothing clever or subtle to set the tone for the movie. It's so bland, dull, sloppy, nothing on display here ever even scared me in the slightest.

And let me tell you. The characters make a lot of bad decisions like a lot. The kills don't even make it until an hour into the movie. You might be wondering, what is even the whole point of this movie? If nothing is even explained or even fleshed out in a unique well. I really had a very tough time even relating to these characters, there stupid, there even barely developed, there not interesting and yet there so irritating. The other characters are there for mere seconds and are just there to get killed off by the so-called killers.

First of all, I want to spoil the entire thing because this movie is so fucking stupid especially its twist making me laugh the loudest, I've had from a horror movie in quite some time. Throughout the entire movie, you start to question the killer's motivations as to why there killing people. Surprisingly, I found the movie to be very predictable. I even saw the twist coming from a mile away because the twist in of itself isn't built up in a rarely interesting clever way like Scream is. The twist goes for a different spin than just the clever killer reveal that's shocking, I respect that fundamentally, but the twist in general is just laughably bad, so laughably bad, it made me wonder why Kevin even chose to write this in the first place or maybe he's better writing for Scream.

So, in the beginning of the movie our main lead character's friend Miri shows an Instagram post to her best friend that she kissed a guy at a college party. Our lead doesn't actually have covid. And the way Covid is presented in this setting is so pandering also insultingly bad, merely shoving it down audience's throat without any subtlety/clever writing to nail it off completely. The twist reveals the killer's motivations as to why there killing people is because they hate anti-maskers. LOL. And that the second killer and the lady who in an earlier scene didn't let the lead into the car because she didn't wear a mask when she's literally getting chased by a psychopathic killer!!! turns out to be the parents of the guy our main female lead made out with at the party and as it turns out she literally got everyone infected at the party that night. She then says she doesn't have covid, but before the twist is revealed, the killers take a covid test but completely abandon it somehow.

So, you're telling me the writers thought it was a good idea to write a twist where two killers went to kill those who disobeyed in wearing a mask and are clearly anti-maskers? This is why I added Tom Cruise at the commence of this review. And that the two other killers wanted to get revenge on the girl who made out with their son, who died, and got everyone infected that day? What a stupid twist without any sort of cleverness or subtlety whatsoever. Clearly the other person who wrote this besides Kevin Williamson watched Death to 2020 and 2021 dozens of times and other covid related documentaries on Netflix.

Now that I explained how ridiculously stupid the twist is and how it was executed. The acting in general is pretty darn bad. With lot of the dialogue heavily relying on tongue in cheek meta social media bullshit I came to expect from a Scream wannabe. What was Kevin Williamson even thinking? The ending just pissed me off completely, because in an earlier scene, Miri was trying to contact police on her computer but had no service, when the movie ended, police just showed up without further explanation or notice. Just going to show blatantly obvious and predictable this entire movie was.

As for the kills, I'll give them a pass. Some kills were pretty decent. But I felt like the movie was too afraid to show extreme levels of gore or mayhem and simply went for a more slightly PG-13 route than I even thought. But the kills don't make up even enough to consider it bloody good or fun. It's because this movie is so fucking boring. And I hated how the same kind of sloppy tropes, cliches from every horror movie ever gets repeated in this formulaic cheap horror Scream wannabe. I don't even know what sort of direction this wanted to go, whether it was trying to be hip and cool like Scream or trying to convey a sleezy social political anti-mask message which is conveyed in a laughably bad manner where I just started laughing my ass off because the way the message is conveyed is so tongue in cheek and it was just shoving it down people's throats without anything really.

I feel like the tone is all over the place. It took itself way too seriously to the point of me fearing Scream 6 can end up like this or maybe not. I feel like this should've been released in 2020 where the pandemic was still active therefore, people would've related to it more or would have been slammed hard for its ill-conceived anti-mask message. I am just saying, if it would've been released in 2020, instead of now since covid seems pretty much irrelevant in 2023 I believe. We as a society have moved on from the pandemic. We have adjusted a new world for ourselves and have better ways to protect ourselves basically. What I am trying to say is, this movie came out on the wrong time. I know this film could've been filmed in 2020 and needed a boost in release date but come on, is horror running out of ideas? or repeating the formula?

And I am sick of slasher movies currently following the Scream trend. (No pun intended) seriously, it worked for Bodies, Bodies, Bodies because it had a lot of genius writers knowing how to make a fresh spin on the genre instead of following the exceeded success of it all. Bodies felt more like a satire on the slasher genre tropes and the twist managed to work because in of itself is parodying the conventions of the genre. You can still follow the successful trend of Scream but just at least create a little hint of effort into creating something different or create a fresh spin on the genre. And I am not saying every slasher film should do this. I am not saying Sick is the worst movie I've seen. I've seen plenty of worse movies than this. But I feel like the way it blandly capitalizes off Scream's success than actually creating something a bit different is quite pandering.

Sick is quite possibly the most generic slasher movies attempting to cash off Scream's success or taking a barebones wannabe circle from Bodies, Bodies, Bodies without the satirical commentary or subtlety or tension to do so. If you like this movie, then more power to you. I know I am bashing this completely. But the only funny scene in the movie is when the two leads decide to take a shot whenever the news anchors say Doctor Faccui. The only redeemable funny scene in the entire film. With the other unintentionally hilarious moments being the utter also incredibly silly stupidity from this movie and its characters also being the funniest scenes in the movie. Can't Scream 6 get any closer? :( I want to see Ghostface again also I want to see Jenna Ortega again. I can't wait any longer. :(

In conclusion Sick is better left off to your imagination or it could've been a cheap horror student short film you make in Middle School. Considering the writing of the characters, writing in general makes no sense whatsoever especially incredibly bad. The kills have its moments. But let me make things clear here because some of the kills here are the kills, I've seen a dozen times before from other slashers. Sure, they may be bloody mindless fun but it's just so boring. Tension and suspense are barely there. The music doesn't add a lot to this film. it only distracts from the sort of dark atmosphere this movie is clearly going for. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, it's a complete waste of time, talent, money and I just feel bad for Kevin Williamson having to slap his name in this movie just to get people to see it knowing he's the same writer as the Scream films. What a way of selling your movie guys, mixing Scream except have an ill-conceived anti-mask message without no subtlety or has anything interesting to even say about it. Overall, Sick has its moments, but with it chasing the success of both Scream and Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, it mostly falls flat on its face. And having killers who aren't even intimidating or menacing in the slightest and have a laughably bad motivation. Wouldn't recommend. I just don't understand the praise for this. But if you like it, more power to you.

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