Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

I forgot how magnificent Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner improves on it’s artistic visual effects, practical effects and use of good cinematography make it stand out. Beyond being a science fiction debunk were Ridley Scott wanted to predict Los Angeles 2019 as a dystopian futuristic world. Ridley Scott’s prediction fall too quicker, Blade Runner defines science fiction technology turning it into a visually stunning retrospect on replicas, Los Angeles’s built cities standing tall below citizens. Ridley Scott’s direction puts Harrison Ford into a nicer role playing Officer Deckard investigating replicas lying around Los Angeles’s streets. I love how abstract and visually arresting Ridley Scott’s efforts using visuals as a plot device helps world building do the trick.
I find Blade Runner a thought provoking science fiction film reaching new heights in terms of characters, world building and introduces elements we’ve never seen before from other science fiction films.
Star Wars can’t compete with Blade Runner’s snappiest visual effects because technology aside, Star Wars a space opera missies Blade Runner’s important characterizations and world building. Blade Runner doesn’t need a compelling villain exactly wrote into the ending or middle but Deckard spends time searching for replicas you almost forget Star Wars misses the point of technology. Harrison Ford does a great job playing Officer Deckard so as his intelligent personality influences his character besides anybody I’ve ever seen.
The production design keeps me into the experience. 2019’s dystopian Los Angeles rethinks population after population into the dystopian wasteland. Sunny days aren’t common inside Blade Runner’s atmosphere because climate change transformed Los Angels into a tighter society filled with advanced artificial intelligence. Their some cinematography choices feel organic, believable for Blade Runner’s mystic futuristic city. Sean Young delivers a iconic female role unlike other female roles standing there as a stupid dumb blonde, Sean Young strongly generates unique looks despite her immortal structure of being a replica. Nevertheless Blade Runner bonds between artificial intelligence, advanced technology, ruthless criminals running around. All the editing, music fit perfectly onto Blade Runner’s testy civilization.
Once before Deckard hunts down four replicas he falls in love with Rachel (Sean Young). Both of them form a respective relationship that is well-written, isn’ forced or repetitive aside from Deckard’s trusted relationship with Rachel their chemistry, dialogue sounded trimming and rich at the same time.

Rachel is Blade Runner’s iconic female character. Sean Young’s hopeless expressions make Deckard his most trusted alley not assure partner. Deckard feels this sting of guilt after killing four replicas fearing murdering Rachel (another replica) won’t suit comfortable for Deckard. Either way Blade Runner define what Hollywood should invent with science fiction instead pander nonsense every 5 mouths. If you outlook Blade Runner in your own narrative field, Deckard and Rachel end up being together. Which sounds like a happy ending. I couldn’t sit there experiencing Blade Runner’s breathtaking visuals,
Ridley Scott achieved a golden heart for filmmaking he’s direction makes it stand out professionally. 
In conclusion Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner delivers taunting visual effects symbolizing Los Angele’s alternative dystopian world we will once have in the near future. Ridley Scott’s prediction didn’t cam true but one day Blade Runner will become a household name in our city today with this groundbreaking well-written fan fiction.

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