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  • Book of Love

    Book of Love

    Pedro seeing the two after they FINALLY hook up towards the end and is just like β€œMethod Writing” was the best. Seriously so much slow burn and angst in this! Really long and drawn out story for a rom-com.

    Sam Claflin was adorable and the only reason why I kept watching this. Also I loved Sam’s β€œbook editor” for all the ridiculous book editors in this. They both felt like satires to the story but I loved Lucy Punch the most. I was laughing when she saw nothing wrong with some nipples showing for his book cover design.

  • Snowmance


    This was weird. Like Frosty the Snowman meets Just Friends weird. The guys were nice looking (I became a Jesse Hutch fan ever since that ridiculous show About a Girl back in 2007) though not nearly the same Ryan Reynolds.

    And now I want to rewatch Just Friends just to see Ryan. And ok Anna Farris is hilarious too. I need to rewatch that movie for sure.

    SnowmanceΒ doesn’t hold a candle to Ryan and Anna’s comedy. And I only recorded…

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  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park


    Yup I forgot to log this. So my niece and nephew are very into the show Stranger Things. Sis and my mom told them how Jurassic Park scared sis when she first saw this movie at their age. And so naturally they wanted to watch it so 2 weekends ago (it’s now August) we all watched it together.

    At first they couldn’t see how this would scare my younger sis when she saw this. They kept saying how it all…

  • Night of the Demon

    Night of the Demon


    First Hooptober movie for 2021. This is my second year of doing this challenge, I’m calling this year the Golden Age Hooptober 8.0 challenge as I love classic movies. This year I’m starting it with one of Martin Scorsese’s top favorite Horror movies.

    This movie was so good. The vibes in this is hauntingly beautiful. The suspense was something like a Hitchcock movie. The plot moved nicely and the characters were good. I absolutely love the way this was filmed!…