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This review may contain spoilers.

EVERYONE on letterboxd is watching movies tonight! certified megan moment #meganfresh. jenna davis oh she’s sweet but a psycho (no hate) i think they tried to make this so bad it’s good but by trying to do that they missed the mark. i think they also wanted 11 year olds to like it. megon. 

how i would fix M3GAN (2022):
- cut everything pre-megan down by a lot; keep only what’s necessary to the plot but no therapist for the kid, no there’s-no-toys-in-this-house plot line, no useless scenes between miss gemma and miss katie. 
- gemma shows katie bruce and katie loves him and then she shows her megan and all bets are off. megan is already made they don’t make her just for katie and they have their moment right there in the house. then they have their singing moment later at the lab etc etc
- the megan shenanigans remain and are liberally added to, made more goofy and more gory. this movie is R rated again and megan does cuss more. 
- i want gemma’s house MORE techy and absurd. i was katie MORE estranged. i want megan FUNNIER because i want megan more serious and more goofy.
- i love the music that plays during the dancing scene and how it doesn’t fit at all we’ll keep that at all costs. but in this version megan kills like seven people in the elevator instead of two. and still freaks everyone out and still strolls out without worry and whips back to the house. 
- alright the ending. i love how long it takes to kill megan so we’ll keep that, they just have to keep trying different ways to kill her on the fly it’s brilliant. but after she’s stabbed in the AI brain and they think she died, she comes back get again somehow and actually kills gemma and katie and it’s shocking. and then it ends and the end credits read M3GAN and it ends

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