Favorite films

  • The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin)
  • Illuminance
  • Glide of Transparency
  • Blue

Recent activity

  • Heaven's Story

  • A Butterfly on Her Chest

  • Room Without Sound

  • Alien in Tokyo

Recent reviews

  • Heaven's Story

    Heaven's Story

    confused about what state existence is in, the emotional outburst of pain that rips everything apart and flows into a crime neutralized by feelings of anger, and a soul distressed for years in sick situations chasing dreams of revenge, none of the characters have a shining face because of part of the hysterical burden of desperation and suffering.

    reality has assured prosperity that makes emotions explode and is washed away by the virtues of its belief by the loss of…

  • I Am Belmaya

    I Am Belmaya

    Tears in reality and analyze the dimensions of women under certain circumstances, an issue of pre-existing and increasing mental breakdown due to a system of life and a sphere of environment that devours their innocence and develops a fragile state of mind and spirit.

    I am Belmaya with her journey of learning how to make a film and mixed with various concepts and topics, especially her concepts of the documentary can also be called a self-documentary — 
    the concept of…

Popular reviews

  • Happening


    It’s fucking TITANE but the problem is solved

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car

    You Said Forever Now I Drove Alone Past Your Street.

    Pain through by through like water river. Silence.
    Everyway is like a fairy tale. What would expect for this.
    The night and day the pain always haunts. Pulled over and screaming inside. Self-Hate. Knife stab a hundred times. This wounds so weight. Past way still can’t be over.
    What is love. What is a smile. Now I can’t hear the voice again. The key is a move. Wish had another life.…