Luck ★★½

When John Ra’zenberger showed up in this near the end I though’ it wozza really funny’n petty flex on Pixar, but then John Lasseter’s name popped up in the end credits an’ I woz like, “THERE it fuckin’ is.” Hones’ly even if there hadn’ binna real reason fer it I wouldn’ really complain coz it’s always nice t’hear ‘im, even if he plays the same fuckin’ character in all’ve these. 

This’s fine an’ nothin’ more really. Plot’s a plot, characters’er characters, it all gets the job dun, nothin’ else, tho I do think sum’ve it’s a bit Alanis Morissette coz sumtimes wot it sez’s “bad luck” I ain’t sure qual’fies’s bad luck, I think it’s more The Universe tellin’ ya t’go fuck yerself, which AIN’T the same thing. I’ve started noticin’ that alot’ve these that ain’t made by Disney’er Pixar’ve FULLY given up on bein’ fer the whole fam’ly tho. Ev’ry now’n a’gin y’getta Mitchells Vs. The Machines but largely they go fer the little’uns an’ leave the parents alone. Ain’t sayin’ thassa bad thing, nothin’ wrong with makin’ a cartoon movie fer kids an’ nobody else, I jus’ find it int’restin’. Fer years ev’ryone wanned t’Make the nex’ Toy Story an’ now no one seems that bothered. 

An’mation’s a bit better’n I’ve seen in loads’ve non-Dis/Pix stuff so far this year. There’s SUM stiffness but ev’rythin’ moves an’ sways like ya’d wannit to. The designs’er a bit dis’pointin’ t’me tho. When I woz seein’ stuff fer this an’ it mos’ly focused on the cat I had a bit’ve hope this migh’ be thinkin’ a TINY BIT out’ve the box, but then like, it’s the SAME vaguely Irish Little Person Shit y’see in ev’rythin’ thassa ‘bout luck. There’s monster-lookin’ things later on but they’re all Monsters Inc. offcuts. There IS a pretty cool Dragon though, I’ll give ‘em that, but y’have t’be goin’ sum t’make a Dragon not cool so I ain’t sure I’m really givin’ out praise. 

Where it REALLY falls over’s the voices tho. Eva Nobelzela’s prop’ly bland as the main woman, an’ I migh’ be the only person feelin’ like this but I think I’m fuckin’ dun with Pegg’s Scottish voice man. He ain’t Mike Myers, he ain’t got more charisma when he’s usin’ any voice that AIN’T ‘is own, that fuckin’ thing robs ‘im of all ‘is fuckin’ power, an’ it ain’t worth it fer a reveal that feels like it comes out’ve nowhere right at the very end. Worst offender’s Whoopi Goldberg tho an’ sayin’ that breaks me fuckin’ heart. Gran’ed she ain’t got a very good character, she’s the grump thass got it out fer ev’ryone, but she used t’have the mos’ expressive voice mate, hearin’ ‘er council Picard’s like ASMR, an’ ev’rythin’ she sez in this thing soun’s like she’s readin’ the fuckin’ Yellow Pages. Jane Fonda’s havin’ the time’ve ‘er fuckin’ life as the Dragon tho. 

More I’m writin’ more im realisin’ this character’s the highlight’ve the whole endeavour. It only exis’s so movie can havva bit where it can say Bad Lucks act’uly GOOD SUMTIMES tho, an’… I ain’t sure I’m signin’ off on that. Y’know?

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